October 03, 2018

Trumbull County Recorder’s Office Partners with ePN for eRecording Transfer Documents

October 3, 2018 – The Trumbull County Recorder’s Office has partnered with eRecording Partners Network (ePN) to bring eRecording of Deeds to their Ohio County. Tod Latell, Trumbull County Recorder, and his Team have been working diligently with Trumbull County Auditor, Adrian Biviano, ePN and Document Technology Systems, Ltd. (DTS), the county’s document recording software provider, on the integration process to accept most electronically submitted documents in their office for recording.

“We are so excited to expand our eRecording portfolio to include transfer documents in Trumbull County,” expresses Tod Latell, Recorder. “By providing an internal solution for routing deeds to the Auditor’s office directly, our offices are able to work collaboratively to process documents more effectively for our business customers. My team and I feel this will improve our office workflow, decrease labor costs and turnaround time. We will continue to offer standard paper recording but highly recommend electronic recording.”

Trumbull County set up ePN’s DocRouter Solution which now allows closing agents to submit transfer documents electronically for Recording. This includes submission of documents such as Deeds or conveyance documents. When a closing agent submits a deed for recording, it is routed internally between offices electronically for review, stamps and approvals. Once approved, transfer documents are then imported into the Recording office’s DTS land record management system to become part of the official record. This eliminates the need to ship or hand-carry your documents to the county and through each office. With no costs incurred by the county from ePN, Latell can open a new public service to Trumbull County customers.

“We are excited to provide our document routing solution, DocRouter, to help the Trumbull Recorder’s office increase efficiency and provide the ability to route documents internally,” said Jerry Lewallen, ePN President. “Since eRecording is the most efficient and fastest method for recording documents today, we appreciate the opportunity to partner with Trumbull County.”

ePN is one of the fastest growing national eRecording service providers. As recorders nationwide are making the necessary arrangements to implement eRecording in their offices, the ePN Team works closely with them to integrate their electronic recording technology with the jurisdictions’ land record systems. ePN is focused on building and maintaining a firm foundation of excellent service to counties and submitters.

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