March 02, 2017

Sangamon County eRecords First Deed in Illinois Thru ePN!

Sangamon County Recorder, Josh Langfelder, announced on December 3rd that his county made eRecording history in the state by processing the first eRecorded deed with an electronic pTax form. Bank of Springfield used ePN (eRecording Partners Network) to submit the first deed with a pTax form.

Mr. Langfelder said, “Sangamon County is excited to be the first County in the State of Illinois to electronically record a deed and PTAX. This giant step in recording documents could not have been possible without the efforts of the IACCR, Fidlar Technologies, EPN and the Illinois Department of Revenue. Fidlar and EPN worked very closely with the Sangamon County Recorder’s office to make sure eRecording of a deed and PTAX would be an easy process. The Recorder’s office is grateful to have two outstanding vendors that are willing to help in moving technology forward within the Recorder’s office.”

Meghen Filter, from Bank of Springfield, stated that “Bank of Springfield is excited to be the first in the State of Illinois to eRecord Deeds and pTax forms. EPN and the Sangamon County Recorder’s Office have both made the process quick and painless. EPN’s website is very user-friendly and made the process easier. Bank of Springfield looks forward to continuing to utilize this new process.”

The President of ePN, Jerry Lewallen, welcomed the news with the following statement: “We’re excited to play a key role in this significant event and we are looking forward to working with other counties in the state as they begin accepting electronic deeds”.

In May of 2014, the State of Illinois passed legislation that allowed counties to process electronic tax stamps. ePN has been working with the IL Department of Revenue, and with counties in the state, in implementing a viable solution in implementing the new electronic process.

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