July 03, 2017

Lafayette County, MS Chancery Clerk Partners with ePN for eRecording

July 3, 2017 – The Lafayette County Chancery Clerk, Sherry Wall, has partnered with eRecording Partners Network (ePN) to bring eRecording to their Mississippi County.  Since April 2017, Clerk Wall’s Team has been working diligently with ePN on the integration process to accept electronically submitted documents in their office for recording.

“I’m very excited to add eRecording to our system.  I feel that it is a great service to our customers that is way overdue!  Our customers can literally be anywhere in the world and electronically file with eRecording.  I also believe it will help relieve my employees of some of the stress they face with paper recordings.  We are looking forward to this new working relationship,” expressed Sherry Wall, Chancery Clerk, Lafayette County, MS.

Lafayette installed ePN’s DocRouter Solution which will allow closing agents to submit documents electronically for Recording.  Once approved by the Clerk, the documents are then electronically imported into the Recording office’s land record management system to become part of the official record.  With no costs incurred by the county by ePN, Clerk Wall was able to open up a new public service to her customers. 

“Our Team is very excited to have the opportunity to help the Lafayette County recorders increase efficiency and cut costs within their office,” said Jerry Lewallen, ePN President.  “We want them to know we are with them through every step of their eRecording journey.”

ePN is one of the fastest growing national eRecording service providers.  As recorders nationwide are making the necessary arrangements to implement eRecording in their offices, the ePN Team works closely with them to integrate their electronic recording technology with the jurisdictions’ land record systems.  ePN is focused on building and maintaining a firm foundation of excellent service to counties and submitters.

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