June 01, 2017

ePN Partners with Landtech Data Corporation to Improve Recording Efficiency

eRecording Partners Network (ePN), one of the fastest growing national eRecording service providers, has partnered with Landtech Data Corporation (Landtech) to improve the recording process for closing agents. This integration will allow settlement providers to eRecord directly from the Landtech system which promotes a faster, more efficient recording process.

“Landtech has always embraced the technological changes in our industry. eRecording has drastically cut costs and improved efficiency for Title Agents across the United States. To further improve the process, Landtech and ePN have integrated systems. An agent no longer has to work from multiple systems. This reduces time, cost, and keystrokes; something we all strive for in our business,” says, Justin Bell, Director of Business Development for Landtech

“The goal is to streamline the recording process for Landtech and ePN customers. Our partnership with Landtech will provide a seamless and easy process for users to electronically record their closing documents in one system,” expresses Jerry Lewallen, President of ePN. “We want to provide the most efficient service possible for our shared customer base.”

ePN has provided an eRecording service for closing agents to electronically submit land documents for recording to counties across the nation, since 2008. ePN is focused on building and maintaining a firm foundation of excellent service to our business partners, counties and submitters. For more information, visit www.GOePN.com or call 888-325-3365.

Landtech Data Corporation has become the nation’s largest provider of real estate settlement systems to users engaged in the financial, real estate and loan closing process. Landtech is passionate and driven to provide exceptional service using the most current technology to accommodate customer needs. To learn more, visit https://landtechdata.com.