June 01, 2023

ePN adds 14 Jurisdictions During May 2023

ePN adds 14 new connections to our network during the month of May 2023.

Monroe County, AL

Winston County, AL

Town of Greenwich, CT

Dearborn County, IN

Jennings County, IN

Pulaski County, IN

Wolfe County, KY

Bristol South, MA

Piscataquis County, ME

Gratiot County, MI

Aransas County, TX

Culpeper County, VA

Grant County, WI

Montgomery County, IL

ePN is one of the fastest growing national eRecording service providers.  As recorders nationwide are making the necessary arrangements to implement eRecording in their offices, the ePN Team works closely with them to integrate their electronic recording technology with the jurisdictions’ land record systems.  ePN is focused on building and maintaining a firm foundation of excellent service to counties and submitters.